How To Being Authentic in Yoga?

how_to_being_authentic_in_yogaWe often raise children by listening to the school, “Study makes it right” we are with all the unique people with special abilities and capabilities that should be respected and happy individual. That’s why our search is not appropriate, as defined by an external reference, but is authentic for our true self. It’s not just how we look, but the most important thing is how we feel and how we express our feelings and abilities.

Yoga, especially in the tradition of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, who developed Viniyoga, it guides us to be authentic. Yoga teaches us that if we are not less or better than others, we are definitely not homosexual.

As a human, we outsource in the context of our knowledge resources, which reject the natural knowledge in our hearts. We try to fit into the illusion of perfection defined by the structured mind. Structure in the brain is essential to a certain degree, when it gives much power and effect, it can be dangerous. Yoga teaches us to reach the heart and connect with it so that we can, in fact, become a better version of ourselves.

The idea of perfection through an illusion of learning has been made. The banana tree goes to school to make a banana? Does the tiger go to university to become a full tiger? Such knowledge is contained within the species and they only have to do so that they follow their intuition and authenticity. Any other of them want to be the species. They only comply with their own knowledge so that they can be their best version.

It’s important to remember yourself

  • The illusion created by the whole mind
  • Perfection does not exist
  • Nobody is right, never and never

On the other hand, authenticity is more reasonable, natural and realistic. We need to respect our authority and use yoga so that we can become the best version of ourselves. This is a message of yoga.


The extraordinary talent of the yoga system is a great understanding of the human brain.

Contrary to popular opinion, yoga is not a system that focuses on human structures or throws away human bodies from the floor; Neither is it a religious denomination that requires orange clothes and forks to be used. Yoga is essentially the first system that focuses on understanding the mind, its problems, and most importantly its full potential.

Papaya is not produced like a banana tree, dogs do not produce dogs, humans cannot be separated from their inner strength, which is already coded in them.

When we make progress, we look at someone and consider them ideal. When we connect ourselves to the same area, this feeling becomes more intense. We want to be like our ideal. We do not know that everyone is unique. When you want to copy someone, you will fail. You cannot copy any other person.

Some are born to be leaders, other supportive followers; Some are excluded, others are under; Some believe and decide quickly on their feet, reflecting others more. Only when you get your authorization and start taking action in it, you will be happy in your life.

This message is important today, through analysis or logic, we want to understand things and topics. But this is not the path of yoga. Principles of reflection and achievement principles are. The way to empower them is to calm the mind.

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